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on April 5, 2009 - 9:43am

AH, the sights, sounds and smells of spring. Gardening is on my mind today. My living room is darn near a green house with all the seed's we've planted. To pass the time while Lorelei was ill we did our seeds. She did all of hers in styrofoam cups. Every year we give the teachers a basket with flowers in it for the summer. I also have 100 tomato seeds started. I didn't get into the community garden plots this year so we will plant at our friends house who is kind enough to give up space for produce this year. That means more work getting a plot tilled, weeded, degrassed and prepped for veggies.
This morning I made a plan for my new and expanded flower beds. I have the itch so bad right now so I am asking that you all tell the snow to stay away!!
Our shopping adventure went well yesterday. Lolo bought a huge pink, unicorn with her Target giftcard. Then we went to bath and body works. I spent enought there too. At walmart we got our tomato seeds and all the spring stuff for the kids. I now have sidewalk chalk picutres everywhere. I love it.
Well,I am off to rip the plastic baseboard off in the kitchen. That is how I get projects done around here. Painting the kitchen, new baseboards AHH, spring cleaning and freshening makes me crazy happy!!

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