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on April 5, 2009 - 6:42pm

Yesterday dave cancelled our cell phone service. I was bummed. He didn't tell me he went to another provider and bought us blackberry phones. The stinker!! He really had me going for a while. We have unlimited internet and text messaging on out phones and it's going to cost us less than our last provider. Hummm? No brainer. I love it!! I'm trying to learn everything I can about the phone but there is so much to learn.I haven't been able to set up my e-mail yet because there's a problem with the Blackberry e-mail service right now. Oh well. I will have all my business contacts at my fingertips as well as family, friends, and misc. contacts. I'm planning on getting a Josh ringtone soon. Oh yeah! That's what I'm talking about!!

Today has been beautiful and it got up to 68 degrees. It's short weather people. I just wish I could have enjoyed it more from the outside. Oh well can't have everything.

Have a Joshin week.


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