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Another Dream!!!

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on April 6, 2009 - 10:26am

OK - what is it? That I'd be so lucky to have Josh included in my dreams? This time I was moving into a new home and he was helping me move. ??? I just can't get over the fact that in most of my dreams about him, he's just "part of the family" and included in the every-day cooking, driving, and now moving. Can't say I mind! Keep those dreams coming :)

What a busy busy nutty crazy week. My sister that lives in the nursing home had a very bad spell. She came down with an infection that turned to pneumonia...and on Wednesday morning her breathing got so bad that she started turning blue...SCARY!!! They rushed her to ER and got in under control - it was probably her lungs AND congestive heart fluid build up. Anyway, with a HUGE dose of lasix along with nitro under the tongue she came out of it. What a journey - it's so hard to see someone gasping for breath. UGH. So, I spent a good portion of 3 days sitting with her.......and you know what that does to a busy schedule at home! Not enough time in a day.

THEN this weekend we picked Hannah up from college to go to my niece's bridal shower 3 hours away and got caught in a snow storm on the way home (only about 20 miles of the trip - but it was a LOOONG 20 miles!)

THEN yesterday we took Hannah BACK to college and when we were driving back - get this - and let me know if it's ever happened to you - we were meeting a semi and say a deer jump across our side of the road and into the semi and it literally exploded - the guts and blood hitting our car. I thought I was gonna lose it. Mark and I both LOVE animals - of any kind - and I'm not kidding - I was broken hearted. It was horrifying. That poor thing. We pulled into Marshall and immediately went and washed the car.

THEN at 2:00 am (this morning) we get a call from Hannah! PANIC at that time of night?? Her boyfriend had bumped his head really hard on the lofted bunk in the dorm...they ended up in ER until 5:00 a.m. after a CAT scan and he had a mild concusion (sp?) Can you believe it? So, it's been a whirlwind; and now it's Monday and the start of another busy week. Oh well, such is life, for all of us......good thing we have each other.

Had our tax appointment this morning - it's good to have that behind us for another year. I sure wish money grew on trees!! lol

I'm excited to hear from Josh and the changes to the website. It'll be fun....

Thanks for listening - you're all so great :)
((hugs)) ~ Colette

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