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June Bug

Nessa7's picture
on April 7, 2009 - 6:40pm

With Josh being inducted to the Hall of Fame at Hollywood bowl, June is already an exciting month!

There's 2 more things!

Chess will air June 17 from 8-10pm on PBS.


Josh Groban live in New York (soundstage) will air from May-June on PBS. Check your local listings.

I e-mailed my Phys. Geo. teacher and he's letting me take the exam tomorrow. I just have to study tonight for it and please pray that I do well. ::crossing everything that's flexible::


I can't post all pictures that I took at the Art Museum, but I'll post my favorites....

This is my favorite painting. It's just so incredible, it's disgusting!! The details are dead on! It's better in person.

This was my favorite statue.

This is the back patio of the museum. It's beautiful!

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