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bitter sweet

vijaykumar's picture
on April 8, 2009 - 5:44pm

I'm writing a quick note here from the hospital. Thigs are well, interesting. As many of us know strokes can leave people in a very different state of mind. Grandpa is having hallucinations and like I've said to many of you in my personal e-mail. I have been very busy fixing lawn mowers, tractors, and snow blowers. I've even been yelled at a time or two for not picking up the right tool or part. We've watched "dusters" some kind of weed that blows around in the summer, but not a dandilion. he told me the lawn service guy is going to be tired when he is done with this lawn (the funny thing is it is my hubby he sees LOL). He talks to people that aren't there and making sure they meet him for breakfast between 7 and 8. it's been very bitter sweet for me as I am starting to let go and feeling more at ease with things. My daughter was wiping my tears last night and giving me hugs. Even though I cried more it made me feel better. I'll get into the long story some other time.
Well, better go check on him to see if the Deere got fixed. I'd better bring the cover with me because he won't be happy until everything is put away in the garage and covered properly. He still has his anal retentiveness!!

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