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En Vogue?

vijaykumar's picture
on April 9, 2009 - 8:29am

I’m a pretty simple gal. I don’t need to have a million pairs of shoes, or be sporting the latest trends regardless of cost. No, a fashonista I’m definitely not. In fact, when it comes to clothes, there is a very short list of qualifications that will determine if something is “wearable” for me: if I can find something long enough, that my boobs are not popping the buttons off of AND it happens to be appropriate for work, I say that’s a home run. I don’t care where I bought it or who made it–you can’t see past my blinding whit and charm to examine the label on my jeans anyway. Don’t get me wrong–I like to look cute (who doesn’t?!). But I’m cute NOT because Calvin Klein made my suit… *sigh* I digress.

Regardless, I think I must be doing something wrong in the clothes department. You see I have this blouse that, in my opinion, is just UGLY. It’s the shirt that I wear when I’m not “feelin” anything else in my closet, or when everything else is in the laundry or at the dry cleaners. I rarely wear it, but I put it on yesterday because I was running late and couldn’t bring myself to put much thought into pulling together a “cuter” ensemble. Wouldn’t you know it–at least three separate people commented on it, telling me how much they liked it. Three! In fact, the more I thought about it over the course of my day, the more I realized that people compliment me EVERY TIME I wear the damn thing!

So what’s the deal?! Do I not look cute the other 99% of the time when I’m NOT wearing that top? What’s wrong with the rest of my wardrobe that people don’t compliment me on other things I wear-–things that, in my opinion, are far CUTER than the ugly blouse?! Or is everyone complimenting me to my face and secretly laughing behind my back when I DO wear it? Have I accidentally hit the trendy nail on the proverbial head, or is ugly simply the new pretty? Please tell me I'm not alone?!

I may never know, but for now I guess Ugly Blouse can keep its place in the closet. Who knows: I may even start to wear it more often…

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