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on April 9, 2009 - 7:10pm

So I just wanted to give a big thanks to everyone who has been there for me during my rough time lately. Everyone here knows absolutely nothing about me (because I became a member right around the time we broke up) because I posted nothing except about how miserable I have been lately. No blogs about my normal, crazy life like everyone elses'. So, here is to happy blogs in the future and nothing but them!


Now I'm gonna talk about my life.

I am a Kitchen Designer at the Lowe's in Murphy, and most of the time I like my job- like today. I loved my job today because I finally got to DO what it is they hired me for. I had to work on 3 kitchens today and pull an entire instock kitchen to be delivered this weekend, and it was great. I love my job, when I actually get to do my job. Our store is new, and most of the time its pretty slow, BUT NOT TODAY!!! I like busy days...they make it go by soooo fast. Anyway, since I now have 3 designs to work on, this is going to be a busy week and I cant wait until Sunday... ITS EASTER! I love holidays because my whole family eats at my parents' house and we all have a good time.

Happy early EASTER eVeRyOnE!!!

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