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on April 10, 2009 - 4:35am

Everytime I think of the saying "thank God it's Friday" I hear Tom Hanks' voice in my head from the movie Dragnet - have you ever seen it? LOL So it's Friday and Good Friday at that. I wish I could say I was going to be home from work today and that I slept until 10AM but here I am ... been up since 5:30AM. No special day for me ... just in my heart. Baby boy was sad when he heard I had to go to work; he's going to Iowa for the weekend to visit his dad's girlfriend's mom and dad. It's okay ... I'll steal him the next weekend and love him uninterrupted!

So speaking of next weekend ... our landlady is coming over to discuss the terms of our lease. I'd sent her an email explaining my situation and that Kyler was leaving and that we would be honored to stay - but I had to ask her to give me a break on the rent for a year -- she called and said her email program went kablooey and she wasn't able to read the email so she's coming over next weekend to talk about it! NOT GOOD! I'm going to be so nervous! NOT looking forward to that.

Can't remember if in my last journal entry I mentioned I'd gotten the Botti CD/DVD for my old OM who has since moved to Canada? I'm sending it to her a. because she loves Botti but b. because I wanted to give her something to remember me by and Josh being on the DVD/CD will certainly remind her of me! I always thought she hated me ... anyway ... I was going to mail it today but POST OFFICE IS NOT OPEN TODAY!

So hey, you all have a fab Friday ... I hope you have a wonderful Holiday as well for those of you who celebrate it. And I will will check back soon!

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