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"Chess" Question

becca's picture
on April 10, 2009 - 7:32am

On the TV/TOUR page it lists Chess and dates, the two performences listed in May-08 say "in stores". Does anyone have a clue as to what stores??? I have searched all over from Amazon to PBS itself, and all I can find is that it will air on PBS in "Spring of 2009"... Not only am I very interested but I have gotten my Mom hooked as well,to Josh in general, but after one of the many times I have had my IPOD volume set on "deaf", as my daughter tells me, it's not hard to overhear what I'm listening to and she heard "Anthem".She loves it, and now that I introduced her to youtube, she's seen every single one on there of Josh singing that song so if ANYONE knows where one might be able to buy the PBS DVD or a release date more specific than "Spring", PLEASE do share !!!

Thanks, Becca

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