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Almost Easter!

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on April 11, 2009 - 8:46pm

It feels like I've been away forever! Darn work for keeping me hopping!

But it's a good hopping... I guess. One of my projects is in the process of tanking and has been since long before I was put on it. But I finally had the guts to tell the manager what no one else on the project was saying: one of the guys he's trusted to get the work done is utterly incompetent and has wrecked pretty much everything. He's been stealing my ideas and then blundering them all way past the point of reason.

So I finally stuck up for myself and told the project manager that I want to phase myself off the project. I'm in demand elsewhere on other projects and the conditions on his have become unworkable...

His reaction was: "Oh dear. No! We can't lose you."

Then he explains to me that his boss was so impressed with me when I stood in for him and gave the mid-year presentation for the project last year that she's been lobbying for me to get a bigger role...

So he has me write the proposal for next year and has me name myself as principle investigator. Yeah. That's right. *Me* in charge of *my very own* research project.


But the writing stole all my free time for the last few weeks and I've barely realized its April and now suddenly it's Easter! So I spent today running around getting the garden stuff ready so tomorrow after all the holiday festivities are through, it'll be time to transform my backyard into my own personal Eden.

Bring on the Easter! Bring on the Spring! Happy Easter every one! God Bless!

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