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*Warning: sarcasm ahead*

MJKC9397's picture
on April 13, 2009 - 11:21pm

Yeah, Josh, 'cause we hate hearing from you! MmmmHmmmm, your blog was entirely too long... You should know by now that you certainly can't keep our attention at all...


ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Did he really apologize for the blog being a long one? Really? IT WAS SO GOOD TO HEAR A REAL 'LIVE' UPDATE! And I cannot wait for the new webdesign, etc. I just hope I'm able to use it! I can be quite computer-illiterate at times! LOL ;) And I can't wait to see Chess....and I can't wait to hear all these songs he's working on......and I REALLY can't wait to (HOPEFULLY) go to another concert!!!!

I wish I had time to catch up on everything/everyone around here..hopefully I will in a day or's still so hectic with trying to get back into some sort of routine around my house!

(((HUGS))) to everyone!

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