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on April 14, 2009 - 5:13pm

ok, i thought i wrote a blog on this... guess not, which is sad cause it makes me excited 8D

ok so in one of my classes I was using Vincent Van Gogh as an example, and i was looking for the photograph of him when he was 19... this one

and i came across this!!


K so speculation is that this photograph, found in and Antique Shope in Massachusetts I believe..... and the photographer name/embossed signature Victor Morin, is the name of a photographer that had a studio set up in the same area and same time as Van gogh was there! so thats intense!!!

What do you guys think!? Van Go or no? I'd like to think it's Vincent, there are lots of facial structure similarities in the top official Vincent picture and the newly found one... I found one site that says it's proven to be a picture of Van Gogh, but I'm n ot going to take anything seriously till i see it up on the Van Gogh site

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