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A good Night!

vijaykumar's picture
on April 15, 2009 - 5:52am

Good Morning everyone! Drinking coffee before I go to bed :) Hummm, will it keep me Awake, will I see Monsters under my bed, will I need a pink nite-light to keep those monsters away...Nahhhh, bring them on!!!! Yeah, night shifters(sleep Deprived), we are a little crazy :)

At work we listen to Magic 98, Delilah...Just love that woman, but hey guys come on, you're slacking a little Groban music lately, and I just don't like it! So last night I took 3 CD's in and blasted the music! You could hear Josh through out the whole plant(Boy his voice does travel)....YEAH!!!! My kind of night. I had the team-leader shaking her head at me all night, He drown out Carrie Underwood :) I had the press supervisor running for his dear life(one way to keep them away) Pam and I jamming away to Josh Groban all night long, my kind of night! Pam even yelled at the supervisor because he turned off my Radio...HEY!!! I'M LISTENING TO THAT!!!

My Boyfriend is sooooo weird! He likes that screaming nonsense, and Polka! Hummmm, and Runs when he hears Josh!!!! I threaten him that if Josh ever comes to Wisconsin he is going!!! He always says, no I'm not...You can take Pam!

Ohhhh sleep deprived, I'm rambling! Have a wonderful day, take care! Be good to yourself and each other.

Bright Blessings,

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