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Teen suicide...

RuthLM's picture
on April 16, 2009 - 8:06am

Today, was checking my e-mails and I got one from my son's school ( he is a high school freshman) concerning a 10 minute questionnaire about their feelings,etc and if there were any references to harming themselves the parents would be contacted immediately. and was confused why I was getting it.

Well, later that day when I picked up my son he asked me if I had heard about the high school junior that had committed suicide last week by hanging himself.
I had absolutely no idea, hadn't heard it from anyone. I e-mailed some other parents and that had not heard about it either. How sad, I pray for his parents. At least I understood the e-mail from the school.

Seems like other than around Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays this is another major time when teens commit or try to commit the spring..around prom/graduation time.

I talked with my son, again, about him coming to me if he feels like his peers are picking on him or like he doesn't have any friends. We have a pretty good relationship and we probably talk more often then some parents/teens...even if it is just while we are driving in the car.

Well, our entire town is sad as the news is spread...

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