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on April 17, 2009 - 6:31am

I tried last night to update everyone on the drama in my life. My computer is acting out so I gave up. Grandpa is still in the hospital and has now developed a blood clot in his arm. As if he hasn't had enough. He goes in and out of a coma and last night when I was there he was awake and knew who I was, but other than that it was all nonsense. We were going to catch the bus to get to the cabin. He was asking for his clothes so we could go and wait for the bus. Everything was the bus and the cabin, he was even worried that there wasn't going to be enough room on that bus.
Ths hospital that he was going to be transfered to isn't going to take him. Everyone thought it was because they didn't want him, but it comes down to them being in a different state and that makes a difference with Medicare. I put the bug in Esther and my mom's ear about hospice care and there is a beautiful place near all of our homes. Nursing homes just don't give the care that he deserves, not that anyone deserves to sit in a corner or lay in their bed all day. I don't think the meds are given like they should be and they will never turn him every 2 hours like he is supposed to be. I think that is the best option right now. We'll see what happens.
Better get to work. I am hoping to get a new computer this weekend so I don't have to wait for the hubbub of what every my beloved 10 year old has done to my home computer.
hugs and love

My grandpa's song "Awake"

Grandpa is now on the hospice unit at the hospital until the IV course is done for the encephalitis. I'm no social worker, but that was a no brainer! They are working on getting him into the Solvay house which is a new home just for hospice care.
The move didn't go as smoothly as they had wanted, he is back into his seizures. Something is up. I'll go see him for a few minutes tomorrow.
I just ordered my new computer through Dell. I'm getting a laptop and will be wireless as soon as it gets here. I'll order the router in a day or so. I can't wait to be able to sit in my own place, away from the wii.
we hit 74 today and now I am going out to have a fire in the pit and enjoy a glass of my wildberry pomegranate wine and have some time with the kids.

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