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on April 19, 2009 - 6:44pm

Another busy weekend at the hospital...but sometimes my job just sucks.

When I got to work today we had received a new patient overnight. He was a 20 year old trauma patient. He locked himself out of his 3rd floor room and was supposedly climbing up to get back in through a patio door..well he fell about 25 feet onto his back and neck. He broke his neck and will now be a quadraplegic the rest of his life. It was just so stupid mistake and here he is. His poor Mom would come out of his room in tears at times.
I felt so bad and he wasn't even my patient.

Yesterday I was caring for a 73year old man who was fine Friday morning and was pronounced brain dead yesterday after having a massive bleeding stroke.

Talk to you all later...

Thanks Nessa, sometimes I do...

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