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Long time...

GROBanMELODY's picture
on April 20, 2009 - 12:43pm

Hi All!

I know, I've been bad.

It's just that after I moved out and into my own place the boards became just one more thing that took time and there's so much I'm missing out of course. Anything I need to know? I did notice that threads had been rearranged and grouped so I'm sure I'd have a tricky time trying to find a few things now. Anyway, I mainly posted because I'm excited by the Hollywood bowl induction. That's something that I'm tempted to see what kind of seats I could get and fly back to LA for the weekend. Take my mom with me. It'd be my first trip to LA since October of last year before I started working full time. I start accruing vacation in May and I'll be using 2 days of it in beginning of June when some of my family comes up for my sister's graduation. The Hollywood Bowl thing will only be like 2 weeks after that but I don't plan these things :) Like I said, I'm tempted to see what kind of seats I can get and if they should turn out to be super awesome then heck yeah I'm all for it. The last time I did the "fly a long distance" just for Josh was when I came to CA for the weekend to see Josh in Anaheim during the Awake tour. I went with my mom to that and that was the one where I caught the drumstick so who knows what may happen if I end up going to this one :) We'll see of course...but I'm definitely staying tuned for that presale info/password. See ya round!

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