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Still a Dull but Wonderful Life

nathelle's picture
on April 21, 2009 - 5:48am

I can finally say my depression is almost over. I feel really well. My TKD class that had dwindled to 14 is now at 22 including a guy who is really into martial arts which makes teach TKD more fun. I am going to try to get Demetri to participate in class. There is a 4 year old in there already. He is good for the most part. I think Demetri would like doing class if there was someone his age in there.
I got a new dog. He's Maltese/Chihauhau but he looks like maltese. He's so small. His name is Lieutenant General Snoopy Bones. He's the boss, or at least he thinks he is. I am going to a Twilight convention with Sarah in May. It's payback for all the times she went with me to meet and greets. I'm still playing bass. I've got some nice callouses on my fingers from holding down the strings. Even though the economy sucks, we are doing pretty good even though there are still some little birdies left in the nest. Going geocaching with the kids after work today.

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