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Hands Full....

Cupid's picture
on April 21, 2009 - 9:37am

Hey guys, long time no talk! I'm really sorry that I've been so scarce. Like everyone else, I've had my hands full. Basically, I've just been spending the last three weeks trying to learn how to work my new computer and dealing with the phone company as well. On the flip side, now that I have DSL and my Windows Media Player installed I can Finally catch up on Josh's videos and clips when everything returns to normal. After all, I do have 5 years to catch up on! LOL! Anyway, in addition to dealing with the computer I now have to deal with another problem. My neighbor's bathroom seems to have sprung a leak because it keeps wetting my bedroom carpeting. Thankfully, not the whole carpet but the same spot every time. So that's been a bit of a headache. BTW, I noticed Shirley (jrnew127) mentioning a concert DVD that Josh appears on called We Are The Future. It's been some time ago but I believe it's still available to rent or order. It's actually on my Netflix rental list but I haven't seen it yet. Well, I need to run. Big Josh hugs, Roger

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