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I'm just sick....................

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on April 21, 2009 - 2:05pm

..........well, I'm OK now - but we had a very scary morning. My nephew had a grand mal seizure this morning. My niece called the ambulance and he was in the er most of the morning. The MRI, thank God, came back negative for tumors, clots, aneurism, etc so that's a GOOD thing. He'll be put on meds for epilepsy...who would have thought we'd be happy it's "just" that and not something terminal. Anyway, what a journey. My niece witnessed it and said she doesn't EVER want to go through it again....I can't imagine.

Well, our MN Twins won their game Sunday afternoon against the Angels (sorry Josh, if you're a fan!) After the game we ate at Famous Dave's and had BBQd ribs - yummmmmmo! I LOVE my time alone with Mark!!

OK, so how in the world did I miss Josh's blog? I check all the time and then when I don't for some reason (LIFE!) - I miss it.....a part of me feels really bad about that. He had a very nice message and greeting for Easter - I love that he's a family guy. And I know what he means about the "tan" thing - I'm SO ready for some sun :) Let's all hit the beach (Josh TOO!) and get one together......well, a girl can dream can't she! Speaking of dreams - I had one about Josh last night. Again, he was just part of the family, it seemed.....and I was asking him to write a song about suicide - my friend that committed suicide8 years ago must have been on my mind. I mentioned his name to Josh and started crying and Josh just hugged me til I stopped. What a nice guy.........THUD!!!!!!

The sun is shining today - a nice but kinda chilly afternoon. Tomorrow it's suppose to hit 70 and Thursday, 84 - I HOPE that weatherman knows what he's talkin' about :)

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