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The Aftermath

vijaykumar's picture
on April 22, 2009 - 4:52pm

But first, a little housekeeping:
So I’m new (you may have noticed). And while I’m an experienced blogger, I’m new to the world of Online Journals & Message Boards--not that the boards on this site have been functioning since I joined, but that’s beside the point. Several of you have commented on previous posts of mine, and either I can’t devise how to respond via comments on my own Journal posts (like you can on a traditional blog), or it just isn’t possible. I’ll try to fill in the holes as I go, but in the meantime please forgive me if I appear stand-offish or rude…the truth is I just have NO IDEA what I’m doing. :)

With the passing of the April 15th tax deadline, busy season at work is now over. (Work = big 4 accounting firm downtown Seattle, where I am an EA.) The ironic thing is that the folks that I support (International Tax team) don’t have an April 15th deadline. So for the past 3 weeks while I’ve been busting it processing returns, they’ve been politely saving all the things they needed my support on…which they promptly handed over to me on April 16th. So much for that break everyone had been talking about.

What I didn’t realize going into busy season was just how much it takes over everything else! My social life virtually disappeared, which resulted in a good friend saying (to my face) “You’re no fun anymore”, and then to another friend: “Stephanie (that’s me) is on an island: she doesn’t count”. They really know how to tug at the heart-strings, these guys. A verbal sparring match ensued, ending with him saying “I just miss you!!” and me saying “I miss you too!”, and then balance was restored to the universe.

So what’s next? Year-end reviews (joy), QAR (kill me now), and the beginning of a volunteer opportunity that I’m greatly looking forward to. Let’s just say, there are MUPPETS involved…stay tuned.

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