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Would never believe it...

RuthLM's picture
on April 23, 2009 - 6:36am

Well, yesterday was not only Earth Day but my 20th wedding anniversary. We don't have a "typical marriage" but here we are 20 years later.

It will be another warm day here in Texas today..80-90 degrees and sunny.

I need to take my son to the orhtodontist this afternoon, part of his bottom retainer came "unglued". His braces come off on 5/6/09. He will also be having his gums lasered at the same time. Sure hope I don't have jury duty that husband doesn't do well with these types of things.

Well, guess it is off to do more laundry. It is amazing to me how much luandry three people can make (most of it is my 15 year old son's and my husband's).
Plus there is always other housework to be done.

Take care...

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