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vijaykumar's picture
on April 29, 2009 - 7:26pm

Another interesting day at the office. people wanting antivirals as preventatives. kids coming home in tears because some idiot staff memeber at the school tells they can get the swine flu from bacon and ham. What the... So good ole mom had to set the teacher straight today. I sent the emails we got at work from the CDC, MN Dept of Health and WHO. Why not send more kids home with extra anxiety, especially after they ate bacon at their grandma's house?? Get the facts first.
So Monday night I missed the bottom stair going to the basement. I landed on the inside of my foot. I am glad nothing is broken, just a bad sprain and in an aircast for 6 weeks. I just got out of those annoying surgical socks, now this. Time to go out and bet some TUBE socks so that plastic doesn't make the leg itch.
Anyway, what's next??
Hope you are all doing well. We are freezing here. rain and 37 balmy degrees. LOL.

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