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Major Events in May...

Cupid's picture
on April 30, 2009 - 2:01pm

Well folks, May is certainly going to be a busy month for myself (and others). First off, there are three birthdays: mine (on the 5th), my best friend (Julie's) on the 7th, and Vanessa (Nessa7's) on the 29th. Then my fanclub renewal is due and to top it all off is Mother's Day (on the 10th).

BTW, for those still looks like my carpet situation is being worked on. When the manager came to inspect my apartment she told me that my neighbor's bathtub is being worked on and that they were sending someone to take care of the carpet when it was finished. I do believe her...especially since the maintenance man was here today to inspect the wall for damage. Thankfully he said it looked okay. I's about time, right? lol! Well, I need to run. Have a Joshful day! Roger

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