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A Comment to one of my Comments

TaleenKaye1's picture
on May 1, 2009 - 11:42am

Just wanted to let hardcoregrobie know that I didn't mean to get her ire up a tad bit when I commented about Josh and those glasses he was wearing in his last vlog. I realize we each have our own opinion and I respect hers. I actually love Josh in glasses, but he does have many more to choose from that would flatter his face more and besides, I really want to see more of that gorjosh face of his and those kind of glasses overshadow it. I know that our guy is definitely not vain or conceited in the least about the way he is perceived in public (more power to him) and for that and many other things about him he truly is one of a kind! Love ya lots Josh - stay grounded and stay true to yourself always! Taleen

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