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on May 2, 2009 - 12:04pm

Must be a sign of the times - I didn't get a May basket yesterday :) Oh well, I guess I didn't GIVE any out this year either. When my kids were little we didn't MISS a May Day. We put candies in little paper cups, loaded them in a wagon, and left on the steps of all our neighbors. WOW, seems like ages ago......

I did makeup for a bridal party this morning...I just LOVE doing that! The excitement of everybody in the house and the anticipation of the day is so fun to be around. For those of you who know my story of being in a roll-over accident after a Josh concert (should have been fatal but we were lucky!) the bride is the daughter of one of my friends who was in the car with me. When I walked in the door to do makeup this morning, she video taping and of course announced that I was Josh's biggest his name is forever in that video as he is forever in our hearts! I wonder how many bridal videos speak of Josh! :) I thought that was so funny.

Well, I suppose I better go get some groceries. It's a gorgeous day so I think I'll grab some "grilling" foods - I LOVE this spring weather. 10 more degrees would be perfect!

Have a great weekend, everyone!
Josh hugs ~

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