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i guess i need a title????

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on May 3, 2009 - 2:42pm

so, being unemployed, i was not able to play in many of the reindeer games that were out there in grobania....but, i told my HOG and kids that i would like to go to the HB affair, and could they please fund it for my combined birthday/Mom's day gifts, which they agreed to do. so, i was very excited, very giddy and, i'm employed again, and making quite a bit more than i made previously, and i'm thinking about upgrading my Terrace Box seat in the back, to one in the front'll about halve my distance from seat to stage. i can afford it now, but wonder, is it worth it for the small handful of songs josh is going to sing??? i've convinced my friend to lay out the extra cash for the upgraded seat, and now, i'm having second thoughts. i have til tomorrow morning to decide, as the kind woman in charge of this is expecting my call.
i wanted to upgrade because i've been spoiled by good seats. the last concert i went to, i had the worst seats of the five shows i've seen, and it left a very bad taste in my mouth, and i don't want to have that happen again, when i know there is something better out there for the taking.

but then, that practical voice in my head is telling me that it's far too much to pay for so short a performance, and i know the practical voice is right, but the emotional voice is saying, "don't listen to her, live a little! you've been pinching pennies for almost a year now, you deserve a little reward for being so good for so long."

who would you listen to???

edit: i've taken your words under advisement and have this to say---melody, i love oregon! it's so beautiful, but, since i just started my new job, i won't get a vacation til NEXT summer. Nessa, i go to at least two concerts each tour, so, your argument has no bearing (but i love you for responding!!!) i will probably go to more this next tour, as i'm three years older, and three years better at ignoring my HOG when he asks why i need to go to more than one concert per tour! i'm leaving it to the fates---if the remaining seats are not to my liking, then, that will be my sign to go for it, or let it be.

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