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FOJG and work....

RuthLM's picture
on May 4, 2009 - 6:58am

Well, still having trouble with the FOJG website and my password. The e-mailed me that they will look into my settings, but I think it may take awhile as long as I can access here with a temp password.

Weekend was busy at work, especially yesterday. Was up at 5:15 am, at work 6:30 am..left work 9:30pm, got home 10:00pm and finallt got to sleep about 01:00am Monday.
I'm good at being a nurse but it is a little frustrating when I have to try and be the doctor too. let's just say the doc didn't really want to talk to me or the patient's family member. Then when there was a possible problem with the patient she wouldn't stop calling me for tests results, doctor phone numbers, family phone was frustrating because she just should have come to the hospital and seen her patient. The lady is in ICU for goodness sakes! I was so busy with her I was having trouble taking care of her patient and the other patient I was responsible for. Thank goodness my other patient was stable.

My niece has asked my son to be a junior groomsman at her wedding in Sept. He won't admit it but I think he is really excited.

Have lots of things to do today in case have to go to jury duty tomorrow (I am on standby and won't know until after 5pm today).
Need to go vote for a school bond issue (we need a new football stadium), do laundry, clean up around the house and mail a care package to the troops overseas.

Can't wait to find out when we can pre-order Josh's PBS soundstage CD.

Well, off to my chores...

Take care and have a great day...


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