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on May 5, 2009 - 11:49am

AHH, finally my Tuesday afternoon off and no where to go but home. I've missed these days. Hard to believe it has been an entire year since I've had Monday's off. Oh how I miss those days, but I am still working.
Tomorrow my baby girl will be 8. I am sad that she has grown so fast and I've missed so much of it. After having her I ended up with post-partum and really didn't want much to do with her and on top of that she was such a cranky baby. I now enjoy our time together, but wish I could go back. She's really turned into a beautiful and intelligent little girl. Tonight we will be celebrating her birthday since I have to teach tomorrow night. I told her any place she wanted to go to, we'd go. At first it was McDonalds. What is it with that place? I get sick every time I eat there. Finally she asked if she could have a banana split from DQ. YES!! I don't mind DQ so that is where we will go. We have one right on Lake Superior, I only wish it was warmer out so we could take a stroll on the boardwalk and pick rocks. There is something about our canal that is so wonderful.
I am trying to resolve a $333 mistake Sears made in their favor for my tiller. Long story short, they charged me wrong first then said they credited my account and then rerung it up as an order/pickup. The problem, they never credited my account and I've been charged twice. I had to put on my "man" pants and deal with it because my Husband could care less about that stuff. I had a bad feeling about this transaction from the beginning and now it is a nightmare. Oh well, its only money, but I'll be darned if they are going to keep this chunk!!
Have a wonderful day.

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