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on May 5, 2009 - 8:40pm

Well, I had my first chemo a week and a half ago and noticed last night that my hair is starting to fall out. It's so strange. I decided if I was going to lose my hair, I would do it on my terms, so one of my very dear friends, Leon, came over to my house with his clippers and we shaved it all off. I was worried my head would look like a half-sucked lemon lol, but actually its not that bad.

At least I feel like I won this round.
Emma - 1
Cancer - Nil

For anyone interested, I have breast cancer and I am only 32. The statistics are: Out of 1,000 women, 125 will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Of those, 8 will be under 40 years old..... see I am special! lol.

I am being treated at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. They are amazing! I had surgery and just started my chemo, which will take 9 weeks. Then 6 weeks of radiotherapy. Scary stuff really.

Well I am off for my daily walk, with Josh on the ipod. If I close my eyes I can imagine I am walking along a beach in Greece, or pounding the pavement in Manhatten. Sigh... bliss!


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