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"The Scruff Muffin Look"

MaryAwake's picture
on May 8, 2009 - 12:17pm

I like that shirley,
The Scruff Muffin Look!!!!

You would just love to take him home and cuddle him when he looks like that!!!
Had really good day today! My youngest daughter has her school graduation in couple of months and I am having party here for her before they go to their dance! So spent today shopping for all the things I need for the garden to make it look nice! Got some lovely chinese lanterns to hang round fencing, and also some more lighting!!! We also picked up THE dress for grad party!! WOW it looks fab on her! Wayne's eyes will pop out of his head when he sees her!!( Did I mention that he her "date " for the night?) He not really seen her all dressed up in heels and dress, think he sees her as one of the gang not as "girl" if you know what I mean? He in for some shock!!! TBH I would really love to see them getting together, maybe they just too good of friends, but you never know!!!! Fingers crossed!!!
Hope everyone is doing fine? How is Missy doing??

Hope everyone has a Joshfilled weekend and also hope that Josh has a wonderful, relaxing weekend to recharge his batteries!!!!
Lots of Josh cuddles to all!!

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