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It's been awhile... for busy reasons

RollerBabe26's picture
on May 9, 2009 - 12:15am

I haven't posted an entry in a while because I have been busy working on my second scene in class. I will be playing Corie Bratter in a scene from Barefoot in the Park, and it is happening on Wednesday! This Role has been a long time coming. Our class is run as if we were auditioning for an agency. If we perform a given task on the day that it is scheduled we are "hired" if we do not we get ourselves "fired". Long story short I had to Fire my original scene partner because he was never willing to schedule a rehearsal. Since this took place I am working with another classmate of mine and we have put in approximately six hours of rehearsal plus the character analysis that we are required to do on our own; With that said I can not wait till Wednesday :) pray I break a leg

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