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on May 9, 2009 - 4:26am

Had a lovely surprise today, caught up with a friend I had not seen for 10 years!
We went to the Richmond Hill Cafe in Melbourne, which has an in-house fromargerie (cheese shop). We gorged on lovely teas and a cheese platter with all the trimmings. I was in cheese heaven.
I must admit the only thing that would have perfected the afternoon, would have been a fab glass of crisp white wine (to wash down all that lactose) but since I was diagnosed I haven't wanted to drink any alcohol at all. It's strange (my friends can't believe it, I am rarely without a beer or wine in my hand lol) but I just don't want to put anything bad into my body at a time like this.
So I am being ridiculously well behaved....
Can't wait to start getting my travel plans into action. Travel - and apparently now.. cheese - are my focus.
So how are you doing? Thanks for checking out my journal :) Hope you had a wonderful day (not sure of the time difference) and had your fill of Josh, or whatever makes you feel inspired. I am about to waste a ridiculous amount of time on the couch watching Monty Python movies.... sigh.... bliss!
x Em

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