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on May 9, 2009 - 6:04am

Friday night - yawnfest - but I did get to watch some HGTV. So what's in store for today? Well I'd like to get some packing done ... no we haven't found a place yet and the house I was going to look at last night fell through because the owner was "tired of showing it" so he gave it over to the realtor to schedule showings. Anyway, Char and Caryn say that the stairs on the inside of the house leading to the upstairs are treacherous and may pose to be a potential hazard not only to the babies (they are short stairs and steep) but also to the people who live in the house with huge feet. That would be everyone but me and baby boy. So the actual best house of all so far is being shot down by the people who spend the most time in the house running the stairs and I can't argue with that. So we're going to look at another one today in Plainfield. It's a nice area - midway between my work and Caryn's. Nothing close for Mike and Char to walk to - well really thee is but they won't think so - but it looks to be a nice place. We'll have to see. I've been having weird dreams again. Can't even really make heads or tails out of them but they are just a conglomeration of weird. Last night I dreamed that Darrin (my rotten ex) asked me the name of the guy who sings really, really deep in a particular song (uhhh okay?) and then suddenly I was at one of the group's concerts and it happened to be in a gymnasium type thing ... again uhhhhhh okay? Well I don't understand it but who knows how my goofy brain works when it's resting?

So tomorrow is Mother's Day here in the U.S. I plan to make it a good day for my girls - it's their second Mother's Day. Caryn has to work at four which really kind of sucks but a paycheck is a paycheck. I already printed out a cute pic of her and Emma to put into a frame I bought ... I think she'll like it. It'll be FROM Emma. I was driving baby boy to school yesterday and I told him I was going to make a big breakfast for the girls and he said; "who's going to make a big breakfast for you?" He's just so sweet and loving I can't stand it.

So I got the new People mag and found a story in there about another 11 year old that killed himself because he was being bullied at school. I'm just devastated by this. I ... I can't even think of that with baby boy because I tremble and cry but I have to help him and take precaution that this doesn't happen to him. I couldn't live after that, I really couldn't.


My wrists have been hurting a whole helluva lot lately. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome sucks ... I bought heat patches and put them on my wrists at bedtime last night and the worst of the two actually felt pretty good when I woke so maybe it'll help. There is a heat patch ROLL that I think I should use for the wrists, the "patch" will stay on better I think.

Hmmm ... there was something else I was going to tell you and I've gotten myself way off track and forgotten what I was going to say. Well I'll come back and write more if I think of it. Have a great Saturday and an even better Mother's Day if it applies to you!

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