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lovely day in the AV

Wills's picture
on May 9, 2009 - 12:27pm

Happy Saturday y'all,
It is currently 82 degrees and it is 12:21 pm California time (okay PST for those "technical" types). Clear skies, slight breeze. Perfect. Can't wait for June...yeah, usually you hear that from teen-agers!!! However, I'm kinda feeling like one since I'll be at the Hollywood Bowl event. Garth Brooks inducting Joshua...and Trisha Yearwood will be there...I am one very happy, if Vince Gill happened to be there...well, the sun the moon and the stars would all be in alignment and it would mean heaven on earth. LOL
Can't wait...
Take care everyone. I hope you are all having the same beautiful day as I am.

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