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Happy Mom's day

vijaykumar's picture
on May 10, 2009 - 5:54am

Happy mom's day everyone. We are getting ready for an outing to visit all our parents and step-grandma today. Meeting my mom for breakfast and off to see Nic's mom and then to see Esther. I bought my mom her wave petunias for her tower planter I got last year forher. Beautiful. I got Esther a bowl with some petunias in it as well. I never buy Nic's mom anything because I think it is his job to do that. Selfish, maybe. His mom doesn't do plants or anything outdoors like and really all she does is watch tv. I gave up a long time ago on that one.
I've had a couple of downer days really missing grandpa. So many questions I have on this gardening stuff and the best I can do is web search. Not quite the same. I listened to AWAKE about 100 times so I am feeling a little better now that I can't possibly cry anymore today.
Well, better finish getting ready. Have an awesome one!

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