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A day in the life....

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on May 10, 2009 - 6:58pm

Day 8 of Bootcamp (exercise program)...

Started off my day volunteering at church serving coffee/juice/bagels. It's weird because every Sunday I volunteer, it seems at least on coffee pot overflows while making coffee. What's up w/ that?

Upon arriving home, I managed to squeeze in a 2 mi and the required 10-min exercise video for the day (kickboxing) before leaving for my parents' condo to celebrate Mother's Day.

Upon arriving home, the temp dropped (but it was still sunny)... Perfect walking weather. So, I went for another mi. walk.

Later this evening, I chatted w/ my sister who recently went came up to Milwaukee to see Danny Gokey (from Am. Idol) @ the Summerfest grounds. According to her, the place was packed and amazingly enough, they didn't lose any of the kids. Said she had a great time.

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