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on May 10, 2009 - 9:45pm

Okay, so things are beginning to get into a rhythm around here I think. I hope that means I'll get to be on here a little more regularly...

Hope everyone who's a mom had a wonderful Mother's Day; hope everyone who's not honored theirs! :)

So...what's the buzz around here on FOJG lately? I need to be brought up to speed!

I've been working the past couple of weeks on getting our family more organized and into a better routine. Well, the organized part is coming together...routine is leaving a LOT to be desired! Softball season is here, school will be out one week from Wednesday, and we're leaving that day for a vacation (FINALLY!) so it obviously will take a longer time to get into a routine!!! LOL

I'm missing "socializing" with you guys...hope to be caught up around here very soon! ((hugs)) to you all! :)

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