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Mother's Day Mayhem

vijaykumar's picture
on May 10, 2009 - 10:30pm

Thought I'd put a warning label on this... the blog that will follow may or may not contain the rants of a tequila filled waitress post a 13 hour Mother's day shift.

First of all I was woken up an hour before I was supposed to by a hungry cat nibbling on my elbow. Which was followed by a short conversation with my mother finding out that I not only missed, but wasn't even invited to a breakfast celebration that morning. Needless to say she was disappointed and I was most certainly pissed that no one even attempted to contact me. Kenz(1/3 of my apartment) made lemon poppy seed muffins which were delicious and saved my life until we were "fed" 5 hours later. We made a very quick 7-11 run to buy provisions for the day (redbull and candy) hit up the local starschmucks and went off to work. I was immediately shafted with the phone, reservation papers, and hostess duties till the actual host came in a 1pm. This of course was at 11 am when we opened for the day. Right off the bat the owner was pissed we were still decorating. We're family owned btw. Thank the powers that be that I was sushi bar, it was dead. All day.

My only complaint: sugar caddies do not equal babysitters. A mother literally gave her toddler the sugar caddy from the table to play with. Said child got the sugar caddy taken away after it's contents had been spilt all over the floor and flung about. The table then had the good graces to tip 10% on their bill. I'm just glad my teeny bopper customers were to busy to come in and stiff me today, truly I am glad. But that's another story and rant. 1011 customers later at 11 pm we had finished with all our sidework and were greated with our tip. $200...even. Let me take a moment to explain how tip works at Kobe, WM. All hibachi tip is split 50/50 chef and server at the end of the night. We collect all the tip ina big drawer which the senior most staff from each side counts. Sushi tip is 60/40 chef and server. All the server portions are added up and evenly distributed among the servers working that night. Needless to say we had hoped for better.

After work we headed to our favorite watering hole for various alcoholic beverages and foodstuffs. But a shower is heaven, and a bed orgasmic after today.

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