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so much and so little time

oakley08's picture
on May 11, 2009 - 1:10pm

oh my where to start!
I finally had the results of why i kept misscarrying at the same time, to be told there is nothing wrong with me!! great, rather had been told something rather than if i get pregnant again (yeah right no chance) they will monitor me every two weeks!
so i grumbled and grumbled!
Good news, my new niece or nephew is keeping us waiting and is now 4 days late so i think mt sister needs to have a curry or two to get him/her moving.
I have a depressed rabbit after her bunny friend roo died three weeks ago very suddenly but trying to find her a rescue husbunny she didnt like anyone so she is following me like a smell about the house and eating the walls lol.

I have a new job that starts in just over a month which i am looking forward to but at the moment i have a horrendous cold so its time to steam my head, if i try to blow my nose without, i will burst a blood vessel in my head!

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