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What goes up.... must come down

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on May 11, 2009 - 4:21pm

Hi lovely Grobie friends.
Hope this finds you well, rested and stuffed from Mothers Day treats over the weekend.
Sadly my mom is in New Zealand at the moment, so we had to make do with a lovely long chat on Skype. Mum and Dad are planning on renting out their house in Wanaka, New Zealand (gorgeous ski resort town) to come over to be with me at this tough time. We weren't sure what treatment (ie chemo/radiotherapy) I would need after sugery, but now we know I will be in Melbourne for an extended period, they will be heading over soon. I am staying with my gorgeous sister and brother in law in Richmond, which is only 15 minutes from the Hospital in East Melbourne. I am really trying to make the most of my time here, taking in live music (when I am well enough), walking the streets, catching up with friends and going to live comedy nights. Ahh Melbourne. So cultural, so artistic. The rest of the time I am racing through Guitar Hero III. I am up to the Hard level, which is crazy. I can't imagine the Master level.. may have to dig out some internet cheats to see how the hell people can do it! lol cop out, I know :)
I am so blessed to have such a wonderful, close-knit family. Sam, my sister has been amazing and Gareth, my brother in law came to the hospital with me yesterday for my 2nd Chemo. He was making Family Guy references to me whilst holding my hand. I only cried once, then cracked up laughing when he launched into "The Bird is the Word" song.
Believe me, I do not take it for granted.
For anyone interested, I have been keeping a blog since I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Here is the link:
my apologies if the name offends anyone. When I was first told about the breast cancer, my friends all rallied around me and made me F* ck the Lump t-shirts to lift my spirits. It was only fitting that the blog shared the name. The is a little bit of language, but it's my blog, my release and my soul poured out into cyber space. It's also pretty funny and informative so please check it out if you want to.
What else... I got an email from Jillian in support to say they are investigating why I still can't access the FOJG board. I hope it's not too much longer. I can't wait to get amongst you.
This website is fast becoming the highlight of my days.
I was so excited to read that Chess was available for early release from Amazon. I am logging on there tomorrow to place my order. Yay!
I personally would love to see Josh on stage more, than playing the big arenas... my dream would be to go to a small dingy club in NY, grab a martini, sit at a small candle lit table and watch him and just his piano for hours, Billy Joel style. Sigh bliss!!
I really want to write him a letter and let him know how much I respect him as a man and a musician, but everytime I try to put pen to paper, I come off sounding like an idiot. There's nothing I can think of that he hasn't heard a million times, and if I mention my cancer and how much he is helping me get through this time, it just sounds like a sob story.
So, for the interim, I shall have to love the man from afar and be the best fan I can be, spreading his music, supporting his causes and becoming friends with all you wonderful people.
Sending massive love.
Ems xx

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