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BethanyHenderson's picture
on May 14, 2009 - 9:15am

Rain, rain, I love the rain. I notice it's been affecting my mood more often these days. I guess Ishould be more consistent about taking my vitamin D.

Since I wrote my last entry I feel the chaos surrounding his issues has calmed. I think his parents were really fearful that it was something they were doing wrong that made Ryan act this way, but now that they've read up on the subject more they realize most of the problem is just the way Ryan is. They're going to go to a specialist (not a psycologist, but more of a pediatrician who has more experience treating OCD). With the exception of the paper incident that happened when I was taking care of him last Sunday I decided I will not make a big deal out this and I won't try to stop him from hoarding unless it's something completely outragous. I think he just needs some compassion right now. His parents are always worrying about him, and though their worries are not unfounded I've decided to be the non-worrier. It's not as much my job anyway. I know he's going to be just fine.

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