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Orthopedic visit

vijaykumar's picture
on May 14, 2009 - 7:30pm

I had my appointment with Dr. Sudoh today. Yeah, no fracture from that silly step I missed about 3 weeks ago. I am now in a different ankle brace and it seems to feel much better.
Can any one tell me what is in the air? My kids are so sassy right now and I am about to go through the roof. My kids have had 4 days to clean their rooms and now I have the boxes to pack their stuff up and give it away. My son put EVERYTHING on his bed and of course it was bed time an hour and a half ago and he couldn't see his bed. After several attempts to get him to clean it off and refused, I went in and threw it back on the floor then I grounded him until his room is picked up. His mouth has been horrible. All he does is yell at me. My little girl isn't much better.
I was able to get the tiller out and worked in a couple of more flower beds this evening. Felt good to get some more done. I only have 2 beds to go and then the big garden over Memorial weekend.
So glad Friday is almost here. I am going to go and till up my mom's flower beds at some point this weekend and also have to make a visit to Esther.
I think I am going to go and get some sleep. I am sure I'll be a little sore from working the dirt tonight. That tiller really does a job on the arms and back.
Have a happy one =o)

EDIT: Tabasco, chili powder, vinegar, nothing has helped that mouth. Then my buttons are pushed even more. ARGH, hopefully just a "phase" then the other one will start a new phase too.
She refused to clean her room, you should see what I threw and donated. She'll be sad when she's looking to play with her doll house and there is no more furniture. I've decided that she won't be able to have friends in the house for a while either since they are the ones that make a lot of the mess. They always get a warning and are told to start picking up. If they don't help Lorelei is responsible.
Have a great weekend.

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