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Chess/ PBS special pre-order

RuthLM's picture
on May 15, 2009 - 7:08am

Has anyone seen anything on FOJG about pre-ordering Chess or Josh's PBS Special CD/DVD?

I've seen things on Twitter about pre-ordering on Amazon but I was wondering if he was going to have any special ones for the FOJG.

Took my son to the pediatric doc-in-the-box last night because he was really complaining about his right wrist (he plays football). The x-rays were clear, nothing broken just a soft tissue injury. So now he is in a wrist splint wrapped with an ace bandage to protect it and taking some Motrin to help the inflammation. The people at the doc-in-the-box will know us by first names probably before he is finished with high school.

Getting ready for another busy weekend at the hospital. At least the days goes by faster but I don't like it when I can't give the care to the patients that I want to because we are so busy.

We have 2 more weeks or regular school and then final week when the kids usually go half days...then summer. Andrew will be starting his Performance Course then which is an exercise program for the football players during the summer..M-F everyday at 7am.. which means mother gets up to take him (I'm usually up by then anyway).

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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