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on May 15, 2009 - 9:15pm

............I should be heading to bed to get some beauty sleep but I'm so wide awake. I signed off facebook, headed toward bed, and realized I'm not sleepy at ALL. Oh boy...hope it's not one of THOSE nights - those "sleepless" nights.....

My mind is so full of "stuff" - GOOD stuff - but toooo much stuff; if ya know what I mean.

I'm so anxious for "consistent" warm weather so I can get some flowers and veggies planted. It's my favorite part of spring...but here in Minnesota we have to be patient. We have a soft freeze warning for overnight. I guess it's better to wait to plant than have to cover everything up every night. Oh well, patience builds character, right!

So, my son Austin (15) hasn't been feeling well for about a month now. Thought is was a head cold, then the sore throat started, along with headaches and exhaustion. Took him to the doc today - HE HAS MONO! Poor kid. Sure does explain alot. So LOTS OF REST AND NOOOOOOOOO KISSING! :)

Tomorrow I'm doing makeup for a wedding party and then going to the wedding at 3:00. The bride is the daughter of my classmate and friend who committed suicide 7 years ago. I'm sure everyone in the church will at some point through the ceremony think of Syd. I loved and miss him so much. His "widow" actually married my first cousin a couple years later so they're kinda family now.........

Anyway, pray for our friend Shirley - she is my inspiration with all the health issues she has and always stays so positive and here for all of us....I don't know how she does it. We love you Shirley!!!!

Oh, and Josh, if you read this.........WE LOVE YOU TOO!

Sweet dreams everyone~have a great weekend!!

EDIT - I almost forgot to tell you......Hannah got that job working at the daycare. How does this sound? Mon-Fri; 8:15 to 5:15; no nights, no weekends, no holidays...pretty cool huh? :)

EDIT #2 - the bride was absolutely GORGEOUS! Her 16 year old brother walked her down the aisle - I bawled....he looks so much like his daddy. RIP Syd!

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