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on May 18, 2009 - 4:35pm

I drove out to Kingston this morning to feed my parents dog's. Was supposed to go Thursday..........whoops. Sorry dogs.

Anyways......tried to use the key I thought opened their door. Didn't work. So I saw a small opening between the garage and the ground.

I shimmied under the door. When I got halfway in.......I got stuck....parallel between the garage door and the ground from head to toe The dogs were just standing there...not helping me one bit. Probably weak from starvation.

So I started moving side to side trying to make my way under the door. FINALLY.....after laying there for a minute wondering if I should call somebody, I squeezed through, but I was under my Dad's truck. I managed to roll out from under his truck and finally get up.

I tried the door inside the garage going into the house. Didn't work either. Then it dawned on me......I may be using the wrong key.

Doh........I had used the wrong key. All that writhing around on the garage floor was completely unnecessary.


At least the dogs got fed.

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