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FlippedOverJosh02's picture
on May 20, 2009 - 8:21pm

Well, it's true - crisis sometimes comes in threes. Have my son home with mono - after 5 days in bed, he's finally up and around....I'm so glad! Janel, my sis in the nursing home had a VERY BAD weekend and on Monday, my step mom (although we forget the "step" part!) had a stroke. I have to tell you - I'm quite sick of hospitals, nursing homes, clinics.....

But that's life, isn't it! I'm so happy to say that as grim as it looked on Monday and even yesterday; mom made MUCH improvement over night. We were afraid she would never swallow again - then it's the talk of feeding tube or other options. But this morning she sipped on some water and it went down. The speech therapist did her part with tests and applesauce went down too! We were so relieved you just can't imagine. It's a start anyway; rehab will be tough - but she's a tough 89 year old - :) I love her so much.

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