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en la playa

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on May 21, 2009 - 11:20pm

Josh is going to be in Good Day LA in the morning.

i had a great time today with some of my speech friends at the beach. the weather was just pure perfection. it was cool, with sun. calm. i haven't felt that peaceful in such a long time.

i'm making plans to go down there during my break and just read a book.

okay...there was this guy next to us in the sand and he had such beautiful hair. dark, thick, full curls. longer than josh's but not too long as to pass down his shoulders. i kept looking at him and he had scruff to go with it. i melted when i saw him. i kept craving to go over, sit on his lap and just play with that gorgeous hair. i was melting, i could barely move.
he was soo lucky that he left and we decided to leave because he was so close to being molested.


IF i see him again (praying that i do) i'm definitly going to talk to him.

Tomorrow, besides waking up EARLY to see josh on Good Day LA (pure torture) i'm going to fix up some of my paintings and then post pictures of them for you to see.

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