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You know...honesty is a noble quality...

vijaykumar's picture
on May 26, 2009 - 1:17am

It is something that I've actually always admired in others...and haven't always shown myself. I prefer the honest approach...but sometimes circumstances in life cause you to not take that road. Unfortunately, and generally, you end up learning the 'hard way'...but sometimes in the 'hard way'...there is a little light where you least expect it...and that little light is what actually leads you out of the darkness of dishonesty...because I don't think there can be anything more darker than dishonesty. It can eat away at your very core...your soul. In retrospect, I'm not exactly that proud of myself for something that I did...but I did it for a good reason...and because I stayed focused on that good reason as my main drive...perhaps that is little light turned out to be such an amazing thing...such a supportive thing...right when I needed it most. Sometimes...little things are most important...they can have such an impact beyond what we can interpret or understand or see...because we are limited by our own selfishness or maybe in thinking that our plight in life is the most important thing...when in fact, it is NOT. What is most what this little light showed me...being honest with oneself...despite the odds or opposition you face.

I guess it is true...everything in potentially a learning experience. I'm glad that I've learned...and I'm glad that I've moved beyond the dishonesty I put myself in...took a while to establish that 'trust' again...but I did...thanks to the goodness of another human being...and I'm all the better for it. Now I can walk away, with renewed faith in humanity and quite honestly, even little light doesn't know it...but they gave to me, they reestablished for me, an irreplaceable which I can never give back to them...but one for which, I will always be grateful for.

I don't need to know exactly who this 'little light' happens to be...though I have an intuitive idea as to who it is...but that is not what is important...what is that they just ARE...that is all.

My experiences...wherever they occur...are just another chapter in my book of life...and this one has come to an end. The above remarks were very important for me to state...and to me, make the best 'closing' statement.

I'm thinking that when we learn to look beyond ourselves...there are endless possibilities into making a difference in the world around us. But, maybe it is equally as important to look within ourselves...the key to everything very well may lie there.

To my 'little light'...though I know that you will not read this directly...for a journalistic is important to note: I know that you are only human, as I'm almost tempted to truly compare you to an angel or hero...but that is not how you see yourself...and I can't disrespect that by saying that you are an angel or hero...but I just want to extend my thanks to you...I know that sounds so 'typical' a response...but I truly mean it from the bottom of my heart...from my soul...maybe it extends're just an inspiration...a great human being...a great listener...a great...something.

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