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Been way to long!

vijaykumar's picture
on May 27, 2009 - 2:01pm

So, this one is a happy one. While losing my baby in January was soooo hard, we were blessed barely 2 weeks with a new bundle. I am now 4 months pregnant with a healthy baby and we should know the gender June 7th. I love that it is already wiggling around. We didn't tell anyone until I was 3 months including my other kids. The way they found out was at my first official appointment. My doctor will not let you leave the office without hearing or seeing your babies hurt beat and since it was to early to hear it we got to see it. We had the kids stand next to my head and I told them the doctor was going to see why mommies tummy has been so upset. The doctor pointed to the screen and he told them "here is the babies head". I thought my sons eyes would pop out of his head as he said "I can't believe the baby is coming, I'm so excited" and my daugter skipping through the office singing "I'm a big sister" to anyone that would listen. Ahhh, what a crazy year it has been. Okay that's all for now, we actually have sun and the kids want me to join them outside. Hope you all are doing well!

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